Our Team

The Hazel Corner Team – We all Love Dogs!

Chris Sandiford has managed Hazel Corner for over twenty years introducing many improvements and new facilities in that time. Chris has owned dogs for many years with several Gordon Setters around the home. In her team are:


Manages the office and reception on a part time basis. Daphne is a familiar face to our regular guests, and their owners, who she knows so well having worked here for a number of years. Daphne is a keen gardener and is also mum to Claire of Claire’s Canine Cuts!


Now a full time member of the team Anthony first joined us on a part time basis whilst at College. He gained NVQ Level 3 in Animal Management, he has a Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy (including dogs) and he has completed his foundation degree in Animal Behaviour. He shares his home with a small terrier and a new Golden Retriever puppy.


Joined the team in 2014 having previous experience in a top quality kennels in the North West. Katie has a Diploma in Animal Management and Behaviour plus an NVQ in Dog Nutrition. Katie has the most dogs at home (other than Chris) with an English Springer, a Labrador, a Labradoodle and a Collie cross to keep her company.


Will also be familiar to many of our regulars having worked part time over a number of years whilst at College and University. She recently gained a BA Hons in Photography and Video. A skilled photographer she has taken a number of pictures at Hazel Corner, and of show dogs, several of which have been published. She also works as a freelance animal photographer (see links for further details). Nikki shares her home with a Labrador and a Gordon Setter.

Andrew and Matthew

Matthew works most weekends whilst studying computing at Hertfordshire University. Matthew also works part time especially when we’re very busy. Both are valued members of the team who also love dogs.

Canine Cuts by Claire

Claire is one of the best groomers in the country and we’re very fortunate to have her at Hazel Corner. She has an extensive knowledge and is able to bath and trim any breed of dog. Claire often prepares, trims and grooms dogs for shows even travelling to the US for some clients!