Chill Out

Morning wake up call is 8am when our team starts work. However if you’re a late riser and prefer to snooze a little longer that’s fine by us.

There’s no fixed daily routine that every guest has to follow and we tailor the day to your needs and preferences. We have some elderly guests who are both a little hard of hearing and who could do with glasses and if they wish simply to chill for most of the day – they can!

In the colder days you can snuggle up to a radiator and on warm days you can laze on a warm patio. You can say woof to the neighbours or you can play with your toys. If you just wish to lounge around and listen to the radio that’s fine.

All meals are a la carte and room service is free. There’s no turn down service and a chocolate on the pillow but someone comes around every evening before lights out with a gravy bone biscuit or other treat. Bedtime is also flexible and depends upon the weather being much later in those warm sunny summer months.

So join us for a relaxing holiday – you’ve earned it.