Exercise & Play

At Hazel Corner we believe it’s really important to tailor exercise and play to what a guest needs. Some of our younger and more active guests will need more exercise than those who are enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle in their later years.

All our guests have access to their own patio area and can run in and out as long as they wish. For Sunnyside and The Paddocks the patios are covered so the weather will make no difference at all. They’ll stay dry when it’s raining and have shelter from the sun when it’s hot. Patios can be accessed from first thing in the morning until closing time and on warm summer evenings typically a lot longer.

We also have grass paddocks that are great for running around, playing and keeping fit. They’re also perfect for those guests that prefer grass for nature calls.

For a small additional fee our guests can enjoy a TLC package and some quality one-to-one dedicated care time, “brain games” where specialised toys make sure some thinking is needed, or a nature walk around our seven-acre plot. If you’re good on the recall then you can really go wild and have some fun in a safe and secure environment.

Please ask for further details when making your booking.