At Hazel Corner insurance cover for your stay is all part of the fully inclusive package. There are no extra fees involved.

However, as is standard practise within the pet insurance sector our cover does not include any pre-existing conditions on arrival. It also will not include canine influenza (kennel cough) if this vaccination has not been given a minimum of four weeks prior to arrival.

Given the above if you do have pet insurance cover then please confirm this on arrival. Should there be a need to contact a vet we will always start with your own vet who knows you dog the best. We will be guided by them and will not hesitate to take your dog to the vet if this is needed.

In an emergency we reserve the right to use our own vet or the nearest animal hospital. Thankfully such cases are extremely rare but with some of our guests travelling from further afield this can sometimes be the best and quickest option.

In the case of any pre-existing condition that reoccurs during your stay, and that will not be covered by our insurance, your vet may require payment and we will seek your approval for such expenses. It’s one of the reasons why it’s always good to make sure we have the right contact details whilst your owner is on their holiday too.

In any event we will ALWAYS put the health and welfare of all our guests as the highest priority irrespective of the circumstances.