At Hazel Corner Dog Hotel we want to make sure you eat well and enjoy your stay. Unlike many kennels that offer the same basic food to all guests here we make sure you can eat just as well as you would do at home. Hopefully that keeps all our guests happy and wagging their tails.

When booking or confirming customer details just tell us what you eat, how often you would like your meals, and what your regular portion sizes are. We stock most major brands of pet foods in both dried and tinned formats. If it’s one of the brands we don’t stock, or you have a particular dietary need, you can always bring that food with you.

Normally we offer two meals a day or once a day if preferred. For puppies and young dogs we can offer additional meals to keep you growing healthy and strong.

There is no additional charge for managing specific dietary needs and our a la carte menus. However there is also no discount for bringing your own food as usually this involves a little more preparation time for our team.

If you have any queries at all about our dog kennel meals, please ask so we can make sure mealtimes are happy times.