We know how important it is to make sure any dog that is receiving medication continues this during their holiday. We will take the details of the prescribed medication, how often it needs to be given, and what the quantities are.

We record this on a Medication Chart, which is completed on arrival, and checked for accuracy by both your owner and a member of our team. We will review this for each stay to check whether any changes are required. This is then attached to your room and signed by a member of our team each time medication is dispensed. These records are available anytime on request.

Please also check in advance that there is enough cream, medicine or tablets for the full holiday period. Ideally there should always be a little extra in case you decide to extend your stay at short notice or, for example, have a delayed flight on your return. Whilst we can contact your vet they will not be available at weekends to dispense medication and delivery at short notice can also be challenging. If we have to collect any additional medication you may incur an additional charge.

If you have any queries at all on medical needs please call and we’ll do our best to answer them and reassure you. We have a skilled and trained team who recognize the importance of dispensing the right medication in the right amount.

A lot of our guests have such needs and unlike many other facilities at Hazel Corner there is no additional charge for dispensing medication.