Terms & Conditions

Windmill Road, Markyate, St.Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 8LP
01582 842242

Monday – Saturday 9am – 12.30pm & 2pm – 5.30 pm
Sunday 10am – 12.30 pm & 3pm – 5pm
Closed Bank Holidays for collection and delivery of dogs.


1. For safety reasons on arrival at the hotel dogs should be left in the car, or on a lead, under control by the owner while checking in.

2. Persons other than owners are not allowed to collect or have access to dog(s) without prior arrangement with us and by the owners of the dog(s). Visits can only be made by friend, relative or other person, by prior arrangement for long term boarders.

3. It is a condition of our licence that dogs must have the appropriate standard vaccinations which will consist of the following, Distemper (D), Leptosporosis (L), Hepatitis (H), Parvovirus (P), Parainfluenza (P) or a combination depending on the advice of the owners vet and the age of the dog. We do not accept dogs without proof of vaccination or titer test. Clients are reminded that annual boosters or titer test are currently necessary.

4. By law your dog has to be microchipped and in line with our new licencing regulations we require your dog’s microchip number in our records in order to be able to continue with the booking.

5. Infection of the upper respiratory tract (Kennel Cough) is caused by an airborne infection which can be caught in any location and is thus outside the control of the kennels. The kennels never knowingly accept a dog with the condition, but as the incubation can exceed 10 days it may not be detectable prior to arrival. The owner therefore accepts that this hazard exists, especially at busy times. There is also the possibility that dogs can catch kennel cough from other dogs before entering the kennels. We recommend but do not insist on vaccination against Bordetella Infection (Kennel Cough). However, such vaccinations must be carried out AT LEAST ONE MONTH prior to entering the hotel. The vaccine does not guarantee complete immunity as with human flu there are many different strains but should reduce the severity of any possible infection. Please discuss this with your vet.

6. We are pleased to continue with course of medication as prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon. For dogs on long term medication, please ensure that you provide more than the minimum amount, in case a tablet is dropped and lost whist being dispensed. If more is needed a charge will be added to your account. If your dog becomes ill whilst in the hotel your vet will be contacted. Should your vet be unavailable; we reserve the right to contact our own vet.

7. If your dog is ill with a pre – existing condition whether known about or not, any veterinary fees incurred will be added to your account. Our insurance only covers injury or illness that occurs directly from the stay with us, up to the amount of £1500. If the vet bills come to more than this then the owners will be responsible for paying the balance.

8. The welfare of the dogs in our care is our prime concern although we retain the right to refuse admission to the hotel to any dog we consider not suitable to be left in our care

9. Owners may provide food for their dogs with special dietary requirements without variation in hotel fees. Please do not give your dog any ‘different treats/ meals‘ just before coming to stay, as this may well cause an upset stomach.

10. We provide dog beds, bedding, food bowls and food stands. We encourage all to bring a hand towel/old tea towel/old cotton t-shirt which the dog has slept on at home to make his/ her room smell like home we will also accept vet beds. We will not accept bean bags or human blankets and quilts as they do not work well in kennels, if you choose to bring them in against advice we accept no liability if the dog destroys them. We welcome toys, preferable older toys so that if they get lost out on exercise or destroyed you will not be upset. Also favourite treats can be sent for your dog. We provide bed time biscuits!

11. An emergency telephone number MUST be provided as required by current legislation. Preferable a UK landline for a friend, neighbour or relation, who knows the dog. Mobile numbers can also be used as a backup contact.

12. To make sure we are in line with the current GDPR please make sure you have read our policy and have gained the relevant permissions for adding the details of others on to our check in forms.

13. During peak periods a deposit is required. Deposits can be paid by card over the phone or in person with a debit / credit card or cash. If no deposit is received, the booking is not confirmed. Deposit receipts are given and it is the owner’s responsibility to check all details are correct. Deposits will be returned for bookings cancelled up to six weeks prior to boarding commencing less an administration fee. Cancellation bookings within six to two weeks of boarding commencing will lose their deposits, later than this, requires payment of the full fees.
During peak times failure to arrive at the hotel; requires the payment of the full hotel fees.

14. The minimum charge in the school summer holidays is seven days. However mid-week bookings are sometimes available i.e., Monday – Friday AM at standard charge. There is a surcharge for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day.

15. Our dog hotel charges are the same as most human hotels, on the day of arrival whatever time your dog arrives, first or last thing that is your 1st days charge. However when collecting your dog, if on a Monday – Saturday between 9 – 10.30 AM or on a Sunday between 10 – 11 AM; you will not get charged for that day. After this time you incur a further days charge. Bills must be settled at the time of collection if not done before the stay.
Example :
IN 9 AM Monday, OUT 9AM Tuesday, One days charge.
IN 6 PM Monday, OUT 11 AM Tuesday, Two days charge

16. Unless specified it is assumed that two/ three dogs who belong to the same owner will share a hotel room. It is the responsibility of the owner to make us aware at the time of booking if this is not to be the arrangement.

17. Full Payment is by cash or debit/ credit card.

18. If a dog is not collected within 7 days after the date on which it was to leave the hotel, and no communication has been received from its owners, the proprietor of the hotel is authorised to sell or otherwise dispose of the dog at the proprietor discretion.