It’s a condition of our License, and in the best interests of your pet’s health, that the appropriate vaccinations are in place for the full duration of their stay.

It’s good to check this when making a booking, as without a valid, up to date vaccination certificate, we cannot accept your dog as a guest.

Please note we do not insist upon dogs having the Canine Influenza (Kennel Cough) vaccination although in general this is a good idea. This is because “doggy flu” just like human flu can be caught by contact with any dog in any location including walks in the park.

However if you do opt to have the Kennel Cough vaccination this must be done a minimum of four weeks before arrival.

The vaccine is a “live” one so this is to protect our other guests as well as for health and safety reasons for our staff. We can supply more details on request, as many veterinarians are not aware of the need for this precaution.

The typical vaccinations and boosters are required to cover Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus, Infectious Canine Hepatitis and Canine Leptospirosis. If you have any queries at all we will be happy to assist or please check with your vet.

We do keep details of vaccinations on our Customer Information Sheet. This means that if you a regular customer and your pet’s vaccinations are still in date you do not need to bring the certificate with you on each occasion.